Small problem with "if condition" syntax

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asked Jan 7 in Question / help by Adil_G (200 points)

I am new in using your software but I am confronted to a little problem; For the "if condition" in "Activity Diagram":
In classic syntax:
-I can't write inside the lozenge

-But I control the arrow's direction

In Beta syntax:

-I can write inside the octagon shape

-but I can't control the arrow's direction
Please which one of those two problems is easy to solve (but I began to like the beta syntat)


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Can you please add some small problems indicating your problem.
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I didn't get any answer

1 Answer

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answered Jan 7 by Adil_G (200 points)

This is an example that I used in asciidoc:

Fisrt Diagram in classic syntax: I can't write inside the lozenge

[plantuml, svg]     
(*) --> "hepatic signs"

if ASAT then
   -right->[<x] "Normal"
   -->[>x] if "ALAT" then
              ->[<y] "extra hepatic"
              -->[>y] "hepatic"

Second Diagram in beta syntax: I can't control the arrow's direction

[plantuml, svg]     
if (ASAT) then(<x)
   if(ALAT) then(<y)
      :extra hepatic;