How to create a simple flow chart with arrow connected boxes going left to right?

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asked Jan 9, 2019 in Question / help by kaushalmodi (260 points)
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I tried couple of things that you can see here:

But I was unable to draw a simple flowchart with these 2 rules:

  1. The flow chart should go from left to right (not from up to down)
  2. No start or stop markers

Failed attempts

Attempt 1:

-> "First Activity"
-> "Second Activity"
-> "Third Activity"

Attempt 2:

"First Activity"
-> "Second Activity"
-> "Third Activity"

Attempt 3:

:First Activity;
:Second Activity;
:Third Activity;

commented Feb 26, 2019 by kaushalmodi (260 points)
Can I please get help on this?

2 Answers

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answered Nov 3, 2021 by chris (2,580 points)

Try this, its a deployment diagram

This will work:

r1 -> r2
r2 -> r3

but I've added the -right-> syntax to force the direction in the event you want a larger diagram

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answered Nov 3, 2021 by Martin (8,360 points)
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How about this syntax?

"First Activity" -right-> "Second Activity"
-right-> "Third Activity"

(This uses the 'old' activity diagram syntax, I'm not sure how to do the same in the new 'beta' syntax...)

Here's another form I found that works (the trick is to find some syntactical element that forces the parser down the activity diagram form, in this case [ text ] comments on arrows.  (It would nice to be able to use @startactivity instead, but that option doesn't exist.)

"First Action" -> [ ] "Second Action"
-> [ ] "third action"

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Thanks @Martin

You can also use a mix... wink

"First Activity" -right-> "Second Activity"
-> "Third Activity"
-> "Fourth Activity"