Preprocessor for target filetype

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asked Jan 14, 2019 in Wanted features by Janus
It would be cool if there is a way to get the target filetype.

A usecase for that would be the way links are displayed....

!ifdef TYPE_SVG

"[[filepath component]]




1 Answer

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answered Jan 14, 2019 by Serge Wenger Work (14,600 points)

For PNG:

java.exe -jar plantuml.jar -charset UTF-8 -DFILE_FORMAT_PNG=1 -gui 

For SVG:

java.exe -jar plantuml.jar -charset UTF-8 -tsvg -DFILE_FORMAT_SVG=1 -gui .

Alice -> Bob: png
Alice -> Bob: svg

commented Jan 17, 2019 by Janus
I already used that by myself. It's working, but its not ideal.
Neverless. THANK you.