How can I make plantuml work in emacs org-mode under cygwin ?

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asked Jan 27 in Question / help by rlyacht (120 points)
Despite having found some things about this, I can't make it work (it is fine on all *nix systems I use).   I would like to have something like this in my org-mode file, and then see the diagram below it.

    #+begin_src plantuml :file test.png :exports results



The root problem is clearly that java on windows doesn't like windows paths.

I won't go into detail on the unsuccessful things I tried, but they include changing various variables, modifying the code that creates the java command to execute, and writing a wrapper for java.

Please take pity on me and give me an idiot-proof cookbook solution - I'm sure a simple one exists.

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answered Jan 30 by Serge Wenger Work (11,680 points)

Could you please send a small but full example to reproduce the problem?