Create a GRAFCET diagram type

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asked Jan 27 in Wanted features by ukubauka (120 points)
Many of the PUML features are based on software development. But asciidoc or PUML are increasingly used in automation environment. The preferred definition graph for automation sequences is GRAFCET which also is an international standard. Is there a possibility to create a GRAFCET using PUML? What would be the roadmap for such. Who is interested?
commented Feb 11 by FuSoftware (140 points)
Sounds like a very interesting feature. So far the only alternative is to generate them using the `grafcet` package for LuaLateX. It would be very nice to have that alternative indeed.

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answered Jun 20 by c864ad77e4 (140 points)
Almost any product you use daily involves industrial automation. Still a lot of industrial software is designed the old school way by using pen and paper. We are still in the 90s in the way we work. There are hardly any tools available. Since we cannot make these tools ourselves, we are in desperate need for some help.

For me it is not only Grafcet but also similar S88 sequences. Next there are the program block interface layouts.