Fallback to default arrow style if the style fails

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Long story

Let's assume I have iuml that uses this file as embedded piece:




      c -[STYLE_DEFINITION]>> d: test


Let's assume the parent code has the STYLE_DEFINITION defined. In this case the embedded piece will inherit the definition and will render it ok.


   !define STYLE_DEFINITION dashed


   note right


      !include embedded_piece.iuml


   end note


However, if I load the embedded_piece.iuml standalone, it will fail since there will be no STYLE_DEFINITION available. This is somewhat OK, but, probably we could do something about it? For example, if the style fails for this reason, you could fallback to the default style and not fail rendering. Probably this can be done globally or, if not safe, then using a new param, for example:

skinparam fallbacktodefaults onStyleFail;onSomethingElseFail

OR whatever you feel would be appropriate. Other values are to be defined further.

This would allow more easy editing such embedded diagrams in standalone mode.

Long story short

I want this piece of code to render without errors even though there is no STYLE_DEFINITION:


      skinparam fallbacktodefaults onStyleFail

      c -[STYLE_DEFINITION]>> d: test


Could you fix this in the way that you feel would be safe?

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