How to force arrows to not cross any objects?

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asked Feb 13, 2019 in Question / help by Adam
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Is this possible currently or something considered for the future? So on the diagram I have multiple rectangles used to show my own objects and they are connected with arrows. How can I make sure these arrow lines are not drawn through these rectangles but around them? Or should I use other primitive shape for my objects instead of rectangle?

Here is what I'm talking about:

Btw, I discovered also that some arrow descriptions are broken, although all of them are generated the same way? Is this known bug? On this attached picture you can see descriptions like "===MW-9003" which should be rendered to "MW-9003" (and for some of them it works, for some not... The code is common:

!define Con(e_from, e_to, e_color, e_label, e_techn) e_from -[e_color]-> e_to : "===e_label\n//<size:DESC_FONT_SIZE>[e_techn]</size>//"


commented Feb 15, 2019 by anonymous
BTW, It seems that the most inner rectangle (blue one) is somehow avoided by arrow lines, is this just coincidence? Or the inner rectangle has different rank level than these surrounding rectangles? I tried t play with arrow ranks (change from "-->" to "----->"), it changed the overall diagram "density" but the lines are still crossing boxes...

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answered Feb 16, 2019 by anonymous
any comments please?