skinparam handwritten true is not inherited within embedded diagram

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asked Feb 22 in Bug by boshka (2,680 points)
edited Feb 22 by boshka
Please have a look:

I guess, that since we already inherit some parameters within embedded diagrams we should inherit this one, and may be other params too. Though we probably would want to have an ability to disable inheritance from the parent diagram via a new skinparam. What would you think?

A related question is:

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answered Feb 25 by plantuml (198,780 points)
Thanks for the feedback.

This should be fixed in last beta
commented Mar 6 by boshka (2,680 points)
thank you! is it supported in the latest release  plantuml.1.2019.2.jar?
commented Mar 6 by plantuml (198,780 points)
Yes it it. Tell us if it's not working for you.
commented Mar 6 by boshka (2,680 points)
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seems it is not working in my case.
Have a component diagram with a note that embedded sequence.
the handwritten param is in the component diagram and works fine in it, but it is still not inherited in the embedded sequence
commented Mar 6 by plantuml (198,780 points)
Ok, could you post here a simple example showing the issue ? Thanks!
commented Mar 6 by boshka (2,680 points)
ok, it does not work in this case:

        skinparam handwritten true
    component a {

    note top of a
        handwritten is OK
    end note
    note right of a
                    !include_many some_sequence.iuml
    end note