Provide an ability to state class names for interfaces so that those are passed to svg path elements as css classes

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asked Mar 14, 2019 in Wanted features by boshka (3,240 points)
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in relation to the question:

could we do a simple thing?


component A as A {


component B as B {


A -[class=ClassA ClassB]-> B: test


So, that in the SVG the ClassA and ClassB would be passed to the related path element as

<path class="ClassA ClassB" ...


commented Mar 15, 2019 by boshka (3,240 points)
having the ability to define classes for interfaces and components will allow such thing as dynamic highlighting the desired elements on svg diagrams using javascript

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answered Mar 26, 2019 by dragonlode (140 points)
I made a framework for animating SVG diagrams from data obtained via a REST query. This uses class to define the object type to be animated and other attributes to specify data to that class such as its partial path in a tree structure, the rest being derived from its nesting with other objects. So, this leads on to the request that we should have, not just class but any attribute name.

A -[alias="somePath\",class=ClassA ClassB]-> B:test