Cannot set note on if

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asked Mar 15 in Wanted features by RedX2501 (180 points)

It seems that notes cannot be added to if statements in activity beta.

if (value) then (0)
  It would be nice if this note would appear
  next to the if statement pointing
  towards it
  end note
else (>0)
commented Mar 15 by albert (2,580 points)
commented Mar 15 by RedX2501 (180 points)
Yes too late I realized that you can add a note to the If.

Yet i was hoping to be able to put a label on the `if` statement. Not on the whole if.

In this case I'm trying to explain why the if would happend why the elseif would happen.

Additionally on large diagrams I find it hard to locate to which nested if the note belongs to in the current form.

But the syntax seems to be exhausted on how to add a not on just the if.
commented Mar 15 by albert (2,580 points)
As you indicated already in the comment the placement of the notes (when you are not using a label) is a bit strange, even more strange in case the note is in a "else" part.

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