How can I attach notes to specific namespace?

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asked Apr 9 in Question / help by foodtooth
edited Apr 10
But not to a class or a member of it. I tried to put `note left` after a namespace definition or add `note left of namespace`, none of them worked.

The example.pu:

namespace A {
namespace B {
namespace C {

note as N1
This is floating note sitting inside namespace C. A possible proper way to indicate a note specific to namespace C
end note

class MyClass

note left : A note about last defined class (MyClass)


' This is the note supposed to be specific to namespace C. How can I do?

note left : A note to namespace C, but will point to class MyClass instead
commented Apr 9 by albert (2,540 points)
Would be nice to have some example code that shows the problem.
commented Apr 10 by foodtooth
Thanks for pointing out. I've added the example

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answered Aug 13 by bomm (180 points)
I would also like to be able to connect a note to a namespace or package.