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asked May 6 in Closed bug by Ichiro
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I tested the message arrows in the .
Under some conditions, it became a line different from my expectations.

Bob_x x-> Alice : 0-4 x->
Bob_x x->x Alice_x : 0-6 x->x
Bob_x x->o Alice_o : 0-8 x->o

Maybe else...

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allowsTest.bat 0
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>java -jar plantuml.jar -v
(0.000 - 15 Mo) 12 Mo - PlantUML Version 1.2019.04
(0.016 - 15 Mo) 12 Mo - GraphicsEnvironment.isHeadless() false
(0.016 - 15 Mo) 12 Mo - Found 0 files
No diagram found


Thak you.

commented May 7 by Ichiro
I understand that in UML, x can only be attached to the end of the arrow.
In such a case, what should we do as PlantUML?
It is troublesome to keep up with changes in the UML specification, so I think that you may draw according to the instructions in the definition file.

Thank you.

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answered May 6 by Bastian


as mentioned here in section "Change arrow style":

  • Add a final x to denote a lost message.

Thus a start with x is not allowed...

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answered May 8 by plantuml (198,100 points)
Thanks again for the feedback.

This should be fixed in last beta

Best regards,
commented May 9 by anonymous
I tried beta. This problem has been resolved.

Is this another ploblem?

participant Bob_x
participant Bob_o
participant Bob
participant Alice
participant Alice_o
participant Alice_x

Bob -\ Alice : 0-0 -\
Bob_o o-\ Alice : 0-1 o-\
Bob -\o Alice_o : 0-2 -\o
Bob_o o-\o Alice_o : 0-3 o-\o
Bob_x x-\ Alice : 0-4 x-\
Bob -\x Alice_x : 0-5 -\x
Bob \-\ Alice : 2-0 \-\
Bob_o o\-\ Alice : 2-1 o\-\
Bob \-\o Alice_o : 2-2 \-\o
Bob_o o\-\o Alice_o : 2-3 o\-\o
Bob_x x\-\ Alice : 2-4 x\-\
Bob \-\x Alice_x : 2-5 \-\x

Thank you for your quick response.
commented May 10 by anonymous
Wow! That's right.
Thank you!
commented May 11 by anonymous
How can I close this ticket?
There is no check mark for closing. . .
commented May 11 by plantuml (198,100 points)
Usually, we change the category of the question to "closed bug" by editing the question (and then changing the category). We've just did it.