Deloyment Diagram layout controls

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asked Jun 17, 2019 in Question / help by Tim
I'm writing a bit of python to read in our server inventory list and generate the plantuml deployment diagram. I have multiple datacenters / environment types (dev/test/prod) so I'm modelling those as clouds; within each will be many nodes of different types. I'm having no luck laying these out correctly, i.e. ideally I want the clouds to stack vertically, then inside each, the nodes of similar type as rows, then rows to stack vertically. So for example inside a datacenter cloud have top 3 nodes as web servers, a row of 5 nodes below as app servers, a row beneath that of say 2 db nodes.

But I'm unclear how to indicate these aspects - currently everything is laid out in a hug horizontal diagram. Also for some reason everything shows as a normal rectangle in the MS Word plantuml plugin


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