SequenceMessageAlign is not inherited within embedded diagrams

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asked Jun 25 in Bug by boshka (2,740 points)
Could we make it inheritable?

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answered Jun 25 by plantuml (205,940 points)

Sure, but it would definitively help if you publish an short snippet that shows the issue.

commented Jun 26 by boshka (2,740 points)
commented Jun 26 by plantuml (205,940 points)

Maybe you can check your version on your environment ?



commented Jun 26 by boshka (2,740 points)
so, I am using

PlantUML vaersion 1.2019.07beta17

Tested it more on the pure snippet above and looks it works fine. So, looks that there is no issue.

Probably something happens in my real code where I noticed this