!include environment variable

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asked Jun 28 in Question / help by anonymous

I saw info regarding changing the preprocessor.

And it seems that it will change the way of including environmental variables.

But do I understand correctly that for now the following approach still can be used:

!include %MACRO_FILE_VAR%

If yes, then do you have any plans when are you going to exclude it?


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answered Jun 28 by plantuml (206,820 points)

If is working this way, it probably means that you are using a version older than 1.2019.6

You can double check this by using:


When you will upgrade to 1.2019.6 or newer version, you will have to update your files like this :

!include %getenv("MACRO_FILE_VAR")

Note that some other changes may be necessary (see http://plantuml.com/preprocessing ).

So if possible, you should test your files with the newer version on some test config before upgrading.

Which tools/plugin are you using ?

commented Jul 1 by anonymous
Now we are using PlantUML 1.2019.01 and vscode for developing.

We faced problem that PlantUML extension in vscode does not support the old way of include anymore.
commented Jul 1 by plantuml (206,820 points)
Sorry, it's confusing : are you using 1.2019.01 or 1.2019.06 ?

Modifications needed by the new preprocessor should be minor : tell us if you find some issues here, we might help.