-pipemap returns non-zero exit code, even on success

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asked Jul 2 in Bug by Filip

When using the -pipemap flag, there is always an "No diagram found" error on stderr and the exit code is 100. Using the example here: https://forum.plantuml.net/5037/please-provide-command-line-option-generate-png-map-data-html

8:56 $ cat foo.puml | java -jar plantuml.jar -pipemap    
Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Xmx500m
<map id="plantuml_map" name="plantuml_map">
<area shape="rect" id="id1" href="http://plantuml.com" title="http://plantuml.com" alt="" coords="1,8,88,44"/>

No diagram found
8:56 $ echo $?            

This exact command worked in 2018.10, but is broken in 2019.1 and 2019.7. 

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answered Jul 2 by plantuml (205,940 points)
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Thanks for the feedback.

This should be ok with last beta http://beta.plantuml.net/plantuml.jar

Tell us if it's not working for you !
commented Jul 2 by Filip
Confirmed, thank you for the impressive response time.

Do you know when this fix will make it into an official release?