nested tags fail

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asked Jul 19 in Bug by boshka (2,940 points)
edited Jul 19 by boshka

If you nest tags, for example <color:red>red<color:blue>blue</color>red</color>, this will not work.

Could this be fixed? Here is the example:

And, if yes, can it be hot-fixed in a version prior to PreprocessorV2 too?

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answered Jul 20 by albert (2,580 points)

Why not close the tags before opening a new one? like:

!nested_tags = "<color:red>red</color><color:blue>blue</color><color:red>red</color>"
title nested_tags

commented Jul 20 by boshka (2,940 points)
Because you are not always able to control it. For instance if one variable with tags contains another one with tags. Again, the question is not about workaround, but about the bug with nesting tags