Randomly underlined things in class diagrams

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asked May 22, 2013 in Bug by anonymous

I haven't figured out a way to reproduce this yet, but when I create a class diagram, some of its classes get randomly underlined (everything, class name, attributes and methods). If I keep working on the diagram, the underlined class changes and another class becomes underlined...

Does anyone know why this happens? It's ruining plantuml for me...

I'm using the plantuml package from opensuse (version 7177-1.8) and graphviz 2.28.


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answered May 22, 2013 by plantuml (232,640 points)


It seems that your version of PlantUML is VERY old (7177 version was delivered in september 2011...).
You can double check this by using:


I suggest that you upgrade to the last version, things will probably work better.
Before upgrading, you can test your diagrams on the online server : http://www.plantuml.com




commented May 22, 2013 by anonymous
You are right. No problems using the current version. Thank you.