gantt diagram with fraction of days

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asked Aug 21 in Wanted features by anonymous
I would like to be able to make gantt diagram with duration other than days. Currently I would like to visualize CI/CD pipeline, which runs a few hours. One critical thing is that, if I generate diagram like this (day mean minute with ceil(actual duration in seconds / 60) approach):

[git checkout] lasts 1 days
then [mvn clean compile] lasts 3 days
then [mvn package deploy] lasts 2 days
then [ansible deploy] lasts 5 days

I lost precision here, where git checkout does take only few seconds, but is visualized as "1 day" (1 minute in my scale).

Another problem are delays in this type of nonstandard gantt usage. There are some delays between steps, which I do not want to visualize as anything, just start another thing "delayed". For example something like:

[Prepare documentation] lasts 10 days
then [delay: send by RFC 2549 implementation chef developer] lasts 0.3 days
then [estimate needed number of code monkeys] lasts 2 days
then [delay: hiring possible only at month beginning. No work before new month starts] cronRounding 0 0 1 * *
then [implement things] lasts 20 days
then [delay: CEO approval takes some little time] lasts 1.5 days
then [deploy implemented application for each customer] lasts 4 days

note: cronRounding I would expect to take any cron expression. Given sample is "every month". See

Is something like this (weird usage) needed also by someone else?

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