When the Plantuml file is of 10K lines, Not able to generate the complete image rather only half the image is generated

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Hi Team, 

I download the plantuml jar from the link : http://plantuml.com/de/download

It is able to generate the image as png successfully for the Plantuml content 

But when the size of the plantuml content is above 10K lines, It is able to generate only half the content and remaining is not showing in the image 

Could someone help me to fix this issue?



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answered Aug 29 by plantuml (202,540 points)
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Looks like linked to PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE (see http://plantuml.com/faq )

Does it help ?
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Thanks for the response but does the plantuml don't determine the image size by itself? 

It is hard to give the image size based on the content we have 

commented Aug 29 by plantuml (202,540 points)
The value given by PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE is just the maximum acceptable value (not the actual value).

The goal of this setting is to avoid memory issue.

You can set it to 99999 if you'd like...