positions with filled rectangles in diagram

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asked Sep 2, 2019 in Question / help by Hendrik

skinparam linetype ortho

agent a

rectangle R1 {
frame S1
rectangle R2 {
frame S2
rectangle R3 {
frame S3
rectangle R4 {
frame S4

agent b

a -d- R1
a -d- R2
a -d- R3
a -d- R4

R1 -d- b
R2 -d- b
R3 -d- b
R4 -d- b


I want to set the position of the agent a in the center (between S2 and S3).

I tried a lot with hidden relations and "hide xxxx", but I cannot come to a solution.



PS: using 1.1209.8 and graphviz 2.38.

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