FontColor not applied in sequence participant

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asked Sep 3 in Bug by knaifhogg (140 points)

I've been using <<stereotypes>> to categorize color combinations, but FontColor is applied differently to BorderColor and BackgroundColor.


skinparam {
    Participant {
        FontColor Black
        FontColor<<Color1>> Black
        FontColor<<Color2>> White

box "Group 1"
    participant "Alfa" as One <<Color1>>
end box
box "Group 2"
    participant "Beta" as Two <<Color2>>
    participant "<font color = white>Omega" as Three <<Color2>>
end box

In this case, participant Beta gets Black font, but should get White. Participant Omega applies it correctly, but the solution shouldn't be needed.

I didn't write it in this section of code, but "BackgroundColor<<Color2>> LightBlue" is still applied.


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answered 5 days ago by plantuml (202,540 points)

Thanks for the report.

This may sound strange, but this issue is not that easy to fix.

Furthermore, we are currently working on a new system for skinparam (see )
Is this a big issue for you ? Because we are not sure whether we will fix it or not. We don't want to spend to much time on something we are going to remove.

Using the (future) new system, you should use :

BTW, comments on the new syntax are welcome :-)

commented 5 days ago by kjw

Would it be possible to extend to generic shapes such as box

skinparam useBetaStyle true

sequenceDiagram {
  box {
            BackgroundColor LightYellow
        Cloud {
            BackgroundColor LightRed
  participant {
        BackgroundColor LightBlue
        FontColor Black
        Color1 {
          FontColor Red
        Color2 {
          FontColor white

box "Tier 1"  <<Client>>
    participant "Alfa" as a <<Color1>>
end box
box "Tier 2"  <<Cloud>>
    participant "Beta" as b <<Color2>>
    participant "Theta" as c
end box

commented 4 days ago by plantuml (202,540 points)
Thanks for the suggestion!

Your example is now working with last beta

Tell us if it's what you are expecting.