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What is the reason my function gives a syntax error when the analogue equivalent is OK 

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!unquoted function DRAW($x) return %set_variable_value($x, 1)

!function noteMember($part, $direction, $class, $member, $note)

    !if %variable_exists($part)

        note $direction of $class::$member


        end note




!ifdef PART1

title Elements and Notes  Part1


class elementArray <<(E,#32DC32)element>> {

        name : someId

        name : MemberA

        name : MemberB

        name : MemberC

        name : MemberD

        name : MemberE


    'noteMember("PART1", "left", "elementArray", "name : MemberB", "Member of Interest")

    note left of elementArray::"name : MemberD"

        Another Member Of Interest

    end note


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answered Sep 9, 2019 by plantuml (279,680 points)