New line in table built with variables is ignored

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asked Oct 2, 2019 in Bug by Jesper

I am trying to built a table by using functions and variables (and use this information in the diagram). I have however experienced that I cannot and a new row in the table with this method. 

I have this:

!global $table = "|= Field1 |= Field 2 |"
!function $row($value1, $value2)
%set_variable_value("$table", %get_variable_value("$table") + " \n | " + $value1 + " | " + $value2 + " |")

$row("row 1", "2")

end title

However the result is one row with 5 cells

I had expected that the "\n" would create a new line

When writing the table by hand it works as expected:

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