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asked Nov 5, 2019 in Question / help by alonbl (160 points)

I am trying to draw a component diagram with many components and frames.

The frames are organized  horizontally, I would like to have control over vertical assignment.

I tried to use `together` and hidden arrows between the components, but nothing enables me to set the order and wrap the frames into multiple lines. The only solution I found is to create multiple pages, however, this is inconvinience.

I will appreciate any help to allow reorder, an example is bellow, please try to have frame "E" below frame "A" (vertical).




frame "A" {
    package "AP1" {
        rectangle "AP11"
        rectangle "AP12"
        rectangle "AP13"
    package "AP2" {
        rectangle "AP21"
        rectangle "AP22"
        rectangle "AP23"
frame "B" {
    package "BP1" {
        rectangle "BP11"
        rectangle "BP12"
        rectangle "BP13"
    package "BP2" {
        rectangle "BP21"
        rectangle "BP22"
        rectangle "BP23"
frame "C" {
    package "CP1" {
        rectangle "CP11"
        rectangle "CP12"
        rectangle "CP13"
    package "CP2" {
        rectangle "CP21"
        rectangle "CP22"
        rectangle "CP23"
frame "D" {
    package "DP1" {
        rectangle "DP11"
        rectangle "DP12"
        rectangle "DP13"
    package "DP2" {
        rectangle "DP21"
        rectangle "DP22"
        rectangle "DP23"
frame "E" {
    package "EP1" {
        rectangle "EP11"
        rectangle "EP12"
        rectangle "EP13"
    package "EP2" {
        rectangle "EP21"
        rectangle "EP22"
        rectangle "EP23"
frame "F" {
    package "FP1" {
        rectangle "FP11"
        rectangle "FP12"
        rectangle "FP13"
    package "FP2" {
        rectangle "FP21"
        rectangle "FP22"
        rectangle "FP23"
frame "G" {
    package "GP1" {
        rectangle "GP11"
        rectangle "GP12"
        rectangle "GP13"
    package "GP2" {
        rectangle "GP21"
        rectangle "GP22"
        rectangle "GP23"
frame "H" {
    package "HP1" {
        rectangle "HP11"
        rectangle "HP12"
        rectangle "HP13"
    package "HP2" {
        rectangle "HP21"
        rectangle "HP22"
        rectangle "HP23"

commented Nov 29, 2019 by alonbl (160 points)

Anyone? Any idea? Workaround?


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