how to set PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE when running intellij idea plugin

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asked Nov 20 in Question / help by Keith
I'm using PlantUML via the Intellij plugin in mac OSX,  but its limited to the PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE default of 4096,  I've been sucessful in adding PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE=8192 to the bash serttings so I can render my diagrams fully from the cmd line applet,  but Intellij (I think, because its an app) is stubbornly refusing to recognise the new setting.  I like the plugins autorender & preview functionality and dont want to keep swapping out to terminal to render and then to preview to view them, so really want the pluging to work/accept the new setting.

I guess this is as much of an OSX question as much of a plantUML plugin one,  but is there a way I can either

a) run Intellij in a way that is can read the value in the bash settings file,  or better, be able to set the PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE=8192 globally outside of bash, that intellij & the plugin can read.


b) set the PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE parameter from inside intellij.



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