Where to define plantuml limit size environment variable when using PlantUML integration plugin with IntelliJ?

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asked Mar 31, 2020 in Question / help by plantsvszombie (120 points)

Hi. Am trying to generate some UML diagrams using the PlantUML plugin for IntelliJ. My diagram gets cropped off and one of the popular answers for this issue happens to be listed here:

May I know where do I go to configure either of the 1st two variables?

Point to note: I'm unsure if it is due to the fact that I'm using an IntelliJ plugin version of PlantUML, but I can't find the path for plantuml.jar on my system; so option #3 is out for me (I think).

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answered Mar 31, 2020 by plantuml (252,780 points)
It should work if you define the variable at system level (Windows).

And if you reboot.
commented Mar 31, 2020 by plantsvszombie (120 points)
Sorry, may I know how to define this type of system variable on a Mac?
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answered Jan 19 by Paul McGuire
Open Preferences/Languages & Frameworks/PlantUML to get the in-IDE settings. You will find an option to change it from the default 4096. I changed mine to 8192 and this helped a lot.