left direction ignored when pointing from inside a namespace to sub namespace

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asked Dec 28, 2019 in Bug by etam (120 points)


namespace ns1 {
  class A
  namespace ns2 {
    class B
ns1.A -left- ns1.ns2.B

class C
namespace ns3 {
  class D
C -left- ns3.D


Result: http://www.plantuml.com/plantuml/png/SoWkIImgAStDuUBAIynDBIv8J4vLo2isLAZcKb18paaiBbPm1BAGvOp0SZ1P9o2xbgkM2wX7pr51DoSrhKHN0SG1AjHpukA2g796CTqOoNGNe5vdX3vZFHSkBeVKl1IWam00

Expected result: class B should be left from A, just like D is left from C.

Using packages instead of namespaces doesn't help.

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