Is it possible to draw generic flowcharts?

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asked Jan 23 in Question / help by MCon

I tried using Activity diagrams, which look like the right tool for the task, but I did not find any (generic) way to produce a cyclic graph.

I am aware of "while" and "repeat" loop, but they are very rigid.

A State Diagram allows to create loops (but it is not very nice):

[*] --> select
select: chose from list
select --> start
start: launch program
start --> exception:exception raised
exception: remove current from list
exception --> select
start --> [*]: desired results

Activity Diagram is much nicer (for the task):

  :chose from list;
repeat while (exception) is (raised)
-> (desired results);

... but I found no way to put a "remove current from list" box on the upward arrow.

What am I missing?



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answered Jan 24 by Serge Wenger Work (12,520 points)
commented Jan 24 by MCon
Might I suggest to update the documentation (specifically

"backward" keyword is not mentioned at all.

Many thanks
commented Jan 24 by MCon
I actually went ahead and changed the page, please review it as this is my first contribution.

commented Jan 24 by plantuml (214,040 points)
Many thanks for your contribution! We will publish it in the incoming days,