Sequence Diagram: participants at the top and bottom. How about in the middle?

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asked Mar 9, 2020 in Question / help by junkw (240 points)
I have a vertically long diagram so when I scroll vertically to the middle of the diagram, I don't see the top and bottom participants line.

Is is possible to somewhat make the participants appear in the middle too? (in addition to top and middle)
commented Mar 10, 2020 by albert (3,480 points)
Can you give an example by means of some plantuml code or a n example at the plantuml web server ?
commented Mar 12, 2020 by junkw (240 points)
I just want to repeat the participant bar in the middle of the diagram
commented Mar 12, 2020 by junkw (240 points)

like this, the participants would be show in the middle (not just on top and bottom):

the ideal would be to add the participants anywhere by adding a code like "insert_participants"

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answered Jun 30, 2021 by The-Lu (60,440 points)

Hello all,

Adapted from this answer:

A possible workaround is to add a user procedure as:

!procedure $insert_participants()
   rnote over a #FEFECE: a 
  /rnote over b #FEFECE: b
  /rnote over c #FEFECE: c

And just to use it anywhere like that:



See similar request here:

If that can help,