Deployment Diagram Regression: If name ends with "."

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asked Mar 13 in Bug by coxley

Compare this:

To this:

I'm not sure what diagram type the latter is, but I know it worked in 1.2019.12. Now we're upgraded to 1.2020.2.

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answered Mar 13 by plantuml (230,800 points)
Many thanks for the feedback. This is indeed a regression.

It has been fixed in last beta

Tell us if you find other issues!
commented Mar 13 by coxley
Thank you! Is there a good way to track when bugfixes / features in beta make it into a release?
commented Mar 13 by plantuml (230,800 points)
You'll have to track either or

We will probably publish an official release this week-end.

commented Mar 14 by albert (2,900 points)
On the changes page there is the text:

V1.2020.2 (1 Mars, 2020)

I think this should read

V1.2020.2 (1 Mar, 2020)