Class HeaderBackgroundColor doesn't work when RoundCorner is defined

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asked Apr 9 in Question / help by DJas


I am making a class diagram using following script, HeaderBackgroundColor color does not work if round corner is defined. If I comment RoundCorner it works:

skinparam RoundCorner 10

skinparam class {
    HeaderBackgroundColor WhiteSmoke
    BackgroundColor White
    BorderColor Black
    ArrowColor Black

hide circle

class "User\n(User in our system)" as user {
    <size:12><&key></size> id INTEGER
    username VARCHAR[32]
    password VARCHAR[64]

class "Session\n(session for user)" as session {
    <size:12><&key></size> id INTEGER
    user_id INTEGER
    session_id) VARCHAR[64]

user ||--|{ session : "A user may have\n many sessions"


Please let me know, is it a bug or I am doing something wrong.

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answered Apr 16 by plantuml (226,400 points)
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Thanks for the report.

This is fixed in last beta and on the online server.

Tell us if it's not working for you !
commented Apr 18 by anonymous

It is working now.