Issues and inconsistancies regarding skinparams

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I was not sure to categorize this as either as "Question / help" or "Wanted features", so excuse me if I didn't choose the right one. Anyways...

I want to address some issues I found during the process of skinning pretty much all of PlantUML's UML components. I mean this in a respectful and constructive way, it's just my two cents that I want to give to make PlantUML even better! :)

I am on PlantUML 1.2020.8, using graphviz 2.45.222.

First of all, the BorderThickness parameter is inconsistent across the different components. The following items cannot have this parameter set and I think should have this option:

  • Actor (although a sequence diagram actor's border thickness can be set specifically)
  • Artifact
  • Boundary
  • Cloud
  • Control
  • Database
  • Entity
  • File
  • Folder
  • Frame
  • Interface
  • Node
  • Package (if it is used by itself, i.e. no {} curly brackets used. Perhaps a bug?)
  • Queue
  • Stack
  • Storage
  • Perhaps the borders of a participant group in a timing diagram? But not as important

Second of all, these parameters don't seem to do anything or I am missing something trivial. Perhaps some clarification for those seeking answers:

  • PageBorderColor (replaced by DiagramBorderColor?)
  • PageExternalColor
  • PageMargin
  • ColorArrowSeperationSpace (edit: nevermind, found a forum post about it)
  • NoteShadowing

Additionally, while making a fully customized theme, I came across some parameters which I wasn't able to find any documentation on and wasn't able to 'test':

  • Biddable...
  • Collections...
  • Designed...
  • DesignedDomain...
  • Lexical... (stereotype?)
  • Machine...
  • Requirement...

Furthermore I found that the 'hide footbox' setting, used for sequence diagrams, breaks network diagrams from rendering/parsing. Not sure how much network diagrams are used, but despite it not having skinparams, all default and global settings (like shadowing, default coloring and fonts) are ignored.

And last but not least, not very important but if I'm correct I found that Participant... and SequenceParticipant... are in fact the same settings group? At least I have not seen anything else affected by just normal participant, might have been an oversight, but asking anyways. If they are indeed the same and nothing else is affected (or planned to be affected), maybe remove one of these?

I understand that the PlantUML devteam's goal is to make things simpler to understand with the ongoing progress of the new styling method, but as I don't think anyone can give an ETA when this will be default, I'd rather see some of these "issues" answered/fixed in the meantime.

Thanks in advance for anyone that reads this and is willing to give a reply!

commented Aug 17 by Martin

FYI I've raised a similar ticket but focusing just on "Biddable", but the other undocumented skinparams might become more clear if that one is answered.  My question also highlights an undocumented type of diagram called a Problem Frame that uses some of these terms, which you might find of interest.

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