Issue with attributes SIDES of TABLE or TD

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asked Apr 29 in Bug by Nicolas D.

Hi Team,

I encounter an issue (minor) with PlantUML 2.24.0 under PhpStorm 2020.1.
The value LR or RL will not work.
Their is no issue if T or B is used with.

Please find below a screenshot showing the issue.
For the issue I add empty cell to separated cases :

Thanks a lot for your work !

Due tu Maximum lenght of 8000 char, please refer to my source issue :

Kindly Regards,
Nicols D.

Graphviz Info :

dot - graphviz version 2.38.0 (20140413.2041)
libdir = "C:\Logiciels\Graphviz\bin"
Activated plugin library: gvplugin_dot_layout.dll
Using layout: dot:dot_layout
Activated plugin library: gvplugin_core.dll
Using render: dot:core
Using device: dot:dot:core
The plugin configuration file:
                was successfully loaded.
    render      :  cairo dot fig gd gdiplus map pic pov ps svg tk vml vrml xdot
    layout      :  circo dot fdp neato nop nop1 nop2 osage patchwork sfdp twopi
    textlayout  :  textlayout
    device      :  bmp canon cmap cmapx cmapx_np dot emf emfplus eps fig gd gd2 gif gv imap imap_np ismap jpe jpeg jpg metafile pdf pic plain plain-ext png pov ps ps2 svg svgz tif tiff tk vml vmlz vrml wbmp xdot xdot1.2 xdot1.4
    loadimage   :  (lib) bmp eps gd gd2 gif jpe jpeg jpg png ps svg

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answered Apr 30 by plantuml (230,840 points)
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Well, your are talking about a GraphViz diagram here.

So it's purely a GraphViz issue, not a PlantUML one. Sorry about that, but you have to open an issue on GraphViz side...
commented May 6 by Nicolas D

Final solution delivered from Graphviz Team.

Latest version is 2.44. Version 2.38 is very old. The issue is solve in 2.43.