How to add arrows to a legend or a table?

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asked May 27, 2020 in Question / help by CaribeLady

I want to create a legend where I give the meaning of the arrows. As follows. However 

   |=|= blah|
   | --> | blah1|
   | -[dashed]-> |blah2|
   | -[dotted]-> | blah3 |

Somehow I did not find a way to upload an image, but the arrows do not show. Just the same as the text.

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answered Aug 31, 2020 by The-Lu (19,980 points)

Hello C.

Adapted from:

and from this answer :

→ "You can create an image and after use it on all your diagrams [or legend table]"
[With this constraint: the [image] output must be a PNG]

Here is a possible example:

[Code on PlantUML online server]

If that can help,

commented Sep 1, 2020 by anonymous

Thank you very much!, This might work. And I ask for something along these lines. However, looks like the feature of having a diagram inside a table is not enabled yet. If so, these table was a lot easier to do.