Idea for syntax of swimlane in activity diagrams

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asked Jul 21, 2013 in Wanted features by Fuhrmanator (1,400 points)

Here's an idea I had for syntax of activity diagrams:

Declare swimlanes like it is with partitions, only they're empty:

swimlane P1
swimlane P2
swimlane P3

For the rest of the dynamics, use an "in" keyword to specify the swimlane partition:

if (multiprocessor?) then (yes) in P1
  fork  :Treatment 1; in P2

  fork again in P1
    :Treatment 2; in P3
  end fork in P1
else (monoproc) in P1
  :Treatment 1; in P1
  :Treatment 2; in P1
endif in P1

The fork syntax is a bit inconsistent, so the "in" doesn't quite make sense in this example. Anyway, it doesn't have to be "in" (maybe some symbol).

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