Print between remove resources on Gantt chart

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asked May 14, 2020 in Bug by amike (120 points)
edited May 14, 2020 by amike
When using the "Print Between date1 and date2" the resources are not displayed anymore.

Project start 2020/05/14
Print between 2020/05/14 and 2020/05/16
[Task1] on {Alice} lasts 10 days
[Task2] on {Bob:50%} lasts 2 days
then [Task3] on {Alice:25%} lasts 1 days
[Task 155] happens at the 20th of May 2020

Also milestones declared as happens are still printed outside of declared print area

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answered May 15, 2020 by plantuml (257,860 points)
Thanks for the report.

This is fixed in last beta

This will be released soon.