Concurrent task in diagram sequence

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asked Dec 17, 2012 in Wanted features by anonymous
recategorized Dec 18, 2012 by plantuml

In the following code:


participant Customer_P2Y
participant DAW_P2Y
participant Customer_RMN
participant DAW_RMN

activate Customer_P2Y #red
Customer_P2Y -> DAW_P2Y: Besoin_P2Y
deactivate Customer_P2Y

activate Customer_RMN #FFBBBB
Customer_RMN -> DAW_RMN: Besoin_RMN
deactivate Customer_RMN

I want the two activations occur at the same time. They should begin together, not one after the other.

How can I code this?

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answered Dec 18, 2012 by plantuml (292,180 points)
Unfortunatly, you cannot have this with current release.

This is added in the TODO list.

commented Jan 27, 2014 by h4tr3d (100 points)
Any progress?
commented Jan 13, 2015 by h4tr3d (100 points)
Just a reminder. Is there any progress?
commented Jan 13, 2015 by plantuml (292,180 points)
Yes, we are working on a deep refactoring of actual code to allow this kind of thing.
Unfortunatly, it means that we have to rewrite a large part of the existing code, and that's why it takes so long time.
But it's definitively under progress, even if you do not see any change (yet).
We'll post a message when this will be ready, but we are probably months ahead of it.
Sorry about that!
commented Jan 13, 2015 by h4tr3d (100 points)
Thanks for feedback! I will wait.
commented Aug 9, 2017 by anonymous
Follow-up 2017. Does this exist, and what would it take to get it working?
commented Aug 24, 2018 by anonymous
Is this still not possible?
commented Aug 24, 2018 by plantuml (292,180 points)