note assigne different styles

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asked Jun 3 in Question / help by Morjo

It is possible to define two styles for notes and assign different style to different notes into same diagram?


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answered Jun 3 by The-Lu (4,840 points)

Hello M.,

For what kind of diagram?

For Sequence diagram, see:

And with style (see

[Click to see code on PlantUML server]

For Class diagram, see, first example on the doc.:

but style seems to be KO.

For Component and deployement, see:

But it seems to be KO, here is an example (on 2020.11):

'skinparam useBetaStyle true
note {
  FontSize 10
  BackGroundColor #fff
  .green {
        BackgroundColor green

node n
file f
note<<green>> left of n: note that is green

If that can help,