Using hide stereotype overrides database stereotype customisation

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asked Jun 23, 2020 in Bug by Brian (120 points)

Goal To show new/changed components with a red outline by adding and customising the stereotype.

  • Expected: All stereotyped objects with custom colours retain when stereotypes hidden
  • Observed: Stereotyped Database objects loose custom colouring when stereotypes hidden
@startuml Hide Behaviour

hide footbox
'hide << new >> stereotype

skinparam database {
    BorderColor<< new >> red
    BorderColor black
    BackgroundColor white

skinparam participant {
    BorderColor black
    BackgroundColor white
    BorderColor<< new >> red

actor User 
participant SystemName
participant SystemNameChanged<< new >>
database DBName
database DBNameChanged<< new >>

User -> SystemName
activate SystemName
SystemName -> DBName
SystemName -> SystemNameChanged
activate SystemNameChanged
SystemNameChanged-> DBNameChanged


Gives red outline on SystemNameChanged and DBNameChanged:


Uncommenting the hide statement gives black outline on DBNameChanged, but SystemNameChanged is OK.


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