Cannot hide specific stereotype, if multiple stereotypes are used

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asked Dec 22, 2020 in Question / help by kirchsth (600 points)

I use multiple stereotypes and one stereotype should be displayed as stereotype and the other should change the e.g. color and not displayed. This works if I don't combine both stereotypes. If I use both together, I can only hide both or nothing. E.g. exampleBaseComponent1 should be displayed with <<base>> but not with <<example>> (already represented via color)

Thank you and best regards


' hide stereotype
hide <<example>> stereotype
' hide <<example>><<base>> stereotype

skinparam component {
    BackgroundColor<<example>> Yellow

package "Something" {

origComponent <-U- baseComponent1
origComponent <-U- exampleComponent1
baseComponent1 <-U- exampleBaseComponent1
exampleComponent1 <-U- exampleBaseComponent1

exampleBaseComponent with <<example>><<base>>

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