Side to side entity relationship diagram

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asked Aug 3, 2020 in Question / help by Aisitewan
commented Aug 3, 2020 by Martin
edited Aug 5, 2020

Some observations.

It's the source arrowhead it doesn't like, your ||-|{ causes an abend, and so does just ||- but -|{ renders fine.

 Adding an edge label (eg ": *")  stops the abend, but the render is very broken.  I.e. Using dummy::id ||-|{ dummy2::field1 : *

I thought 'skinparam linetype ortho' might fix it - it did fix attaching the arrowheads, but failed miserably in the placement of the two ends.  I've documented it here in case it's a different but related bug for @plantuml to consider:

commented Aug 3, 2020 by Aisitewan
Ok, Could you send the code for the image you just show up?

What can I do to use that arrow tips?, because I think that arrow tips are the one that are used in Database Diagrams.
commented Aug 4, 2020 by Martin

I've added the code for my buggy pic above.  But I haven't got an answer for you, the class field to field linking isn't a documented feature (it has been around a while though, here's the earliest reference I found for it: and seems to have bugs.

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