Entity relationship link is not displayed correctly when creole tree view syntax is applied.

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asked Dec 28, 2022 in Bug by Peter Baccaro

When I create a creole tree inside an entity and then add an entity relationship from that entity to another entity at field level the entity link is not linked to the field.  If I remove the creole prefix on that entity field then the link is displayed correctly so the creole for the tree is impacting how the relationship appears.

@startuml customer.v1

left to right direction

entity A {

  _id : INTEGER

  other_id : INTEGER


entity B {

  _id : INTEGER

  user_id : INTEGER

  address : INTEGER


entity C {

|_ object_name

|_ object_type

|_ object_color

|_ **__<color:grey>oneOf</color>__**

  |_ **<color:grey>SPHERE</color>**

    |_ type

    |_ radius_value

    |_ radius_uom

  |_ **<color:grey>CUBOID</color>**

    |_ type

      |_ **<color:grey>CUBOID PARAMETERS</color>**

        |_ parameter_type

        |_ parameter_value

        |_ parameter_uom


A::_id *-- B::user_id

C::parameter_type *-- B::user_id


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