How do we achieve alphanumeric numbering in sequence diagrams?

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asked Aug 14, 2020 in Wanted features by Yesh Goel
Looking for alphanumeric numbering like below:





commented Aug 17, 2020 by Martin
edited Aug 17, 2020

Just to note that Plantuml already supports n.n autonumber format (see e.g.

It also already supports user-specified numeric formats using Java class DecimalFormat and surrounding text.  e.g. autonumber "<b>[000]"

So one suggestion on how to implement the feature could be to extend the format options to include the multiple components (there may already be syntax for this?) - e.g. "autonumber "##0" "'.'##0" "'.'##0" "'.'##0" for a 4 numeric component formats separated by ".".  And then add additional syntax to convert numeric to letters , roman numerals, etc.  I appreciate this is probably quite a lot of coding, as I suspect the donkey work is done by Java class DecimalFormat which doesn't seem to support this, but it could just be a search and replace of a suitable symbol before passing to DecimalFormat - eg replace %a_to_z% with "a".."z" for 1..26 (use mod 26 if you want to get really fancy and support > 26 as multiple characters) before passing to DecimalFormat.

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