How to achieve the following sequence-like diagram?

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It is basically like horizontally, instead of vertically laying a sequence diagram.

commented Aug 17 by Martin

I don't think it is possible to rotate a sequence diagram (I briefly tried the obvious "left to right direction", but it changed the diagram type.  You might want to submit under Wanted Features.). 
But your target diagram reminded me of a Timing diagram.  I've not played with Timing diagrams before, but I thought I'd see how close I could get to your diagram.  This is the best I've managed so far:

I know you're picturing a sequence diagram on its side; but I'm wondering if you considered the Timing diagram at all?  I tried to follow your source as closely as I could, but more aesthetic results are almost certainly possible.

commented Aug 17 by introom (180 points)
Thanks.  The sample diagram I posted is exactly a timing diagram, which is often used in distributed systems illustrations.
commented Aug 17 by Martin.
No problem, I will turn my comment into an answer then.

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answered Aug 17 by Martin
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The best fit of that style of diagram in Plantuml is the Timing diagram.

Here is my attempt to mock up your sample diagram:

I'm not a fan of how the arrow text overlays the timing rectangles for sloped arrows (you can add \n to the labels but then the text is further from the arrow horizontally).

Any way, hopefully that should get you started.

commented Aug 17 by introom (180 points)
Thanks for your help!