Day calculation bug in Gantt diagram

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asked Sep 10 in Bug by pavel
It looks like "closed" days affects days calculation using "happens X days before (/ after) syntax".

Please take a look at the following example. Play with project start day (for ex, set to 2020-09-11) to see how problem happens around closed days. Remove closed days - no bug anymore.

Project starts 2020-09-08
saturday are closed
sunday are closed

[5 business days] as [LT] lasts 5 days
[collection day] as [C] lasts 1 day

-- correct --
[C] starts at [LT]'s end
[S0] happens at [LT]'s start
[S1] happens 1 day after [LT]'s start
[S2] happens 2 day after [LT]'s start
[S3] happens 3 day after [LT]'s start
[S4] happens 4 day after [LT]'s start
[F0] happens at [LT]'s end
[F1] happens 1 day before [LT]'s end
[F2] happens 2 day before [LT]'s end
[F3] happens 3 day before [LT]'s end
[F4] happens 4 day before [LT]'s end

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answered Sep 17 by plantuml (232,640 points)

Thanks for the report.

This issue is interesting because it's a design issue. With current implementation, closing days are really closed. They do not even exist in the internal modeling. So it's really impossible to have something starting or ending on those days.

So we cannot fix this issue right now.

However, the good news is that we have started a new implementation which will overcome current limitations of the Gantt Diagram (for example, using hour/minute/second/millisecond in time). This new implementation will also fix this issue. But you have to be patient...

We'll post a message here in the incoming months when this will be fixed.

Sorry for the delay!