Hierarchy State Machine long lines/bad state spacing

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asked Sep 22, 2020 in Bug by nschaeferle (120 points)

Plantuml (graphviz-dot) has been great for Non Hierarchical State Machines but It doesnt handle even small HSMs well. My main problem is state spacing that I think is because of the long transition lines. I have done some searching and I didnt find satisfactory answers. I have found these threads


using `->` instead of `-->` helps if you are very careful. Same is true with `left,right,up,down` directions but the default behavior of `-->` should not be to draw lines that are this long. Additionally the directions dont seem to work for nested states only `->` seems to be effective. Here is my plantuml code


state Top {
  [*] --> A
  state B {
    [*] --> C
    state D {
      [*] --> E
      state E {
        [*] --> G
        state G {
          [*] --> H
          state H {
            H --> I : e4
          state I
    state C {
      C --> D : e9 [*]
  state A {
    A --> B : e15


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