Bad format for state machine -- all one line

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asked Oct 25 in Bug by Marc

starting -> reset_counts : message
starting -> late_data : Timer Exrired
reset_counts -> reset_counts : Message
reset_counts -> late_data : Timer Expired
late_data -> reset_counts : SWCongestData
late_data -> late_data : Timer Expired [g1]
late_data -> late_cycle  : Timer Expired [!g1]
late_cycle -> reset_counts  : Message
late_cycle -> late_data : Timer Expired [g1]
late_data -> resynchronize : Timer Expired [!g1]
resynchronize -> starting

It formats all the states horizontally in one line.

If the starting state was moved up, and the resynchronize state was moved down the output would be able to be understood and you would not have as many crossed lines.

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answered Oct 25 by plantuml (207,280 points)
commented Oct 26 by albert (2,540 points)
so using '-->' instead of '->'
commented Oct 26 by Marc Pawlowsky

I tried to clone and to make a change to the documentation to specify the difference between -> and -->, so I could push a change.  Unfortunately I could not find the location where is generated from.

commented Oct 26 by plantuml (207,280 points)
It is generated from

Thanks for your contribution !