Support for UML Communication Diagram

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asked Aug 29, 2013 in Wanted features by anonymous
Hi, do you plan to support UML communication diagrams?


commented Jun 11, 2015 by Lucas (100 points)
I really want this feature too (so i can finally stop using uml editors)
commented Sep 25, 2015 by mmoyano16 (100 points)
I join the request of the communication diagram. It is a widely used, especially for people who are studying at the university ( software engineering ). This type of diagram is widely used and is very useful to understand the flow of messages without going into much detail as in the sequence diagram (moreover, stereotypes classes help much to understand the flow of the use case)

Thanks and I expect a prompt response !!
commented Jun 26, 2018 by gapmeister (100 points)
I'd like to see support for communication diagrams. Every time I use plantuml I feel this layout is missing. Please can we see it :o)

1 Answer

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answered Oct 13, 2013 by martin.prosek (180 points)
This feature could be very handy. I would also leverage the biggest strenght of PlantUML - sequence diagrams.

In principle, the communication diagram is another representation of messages between objects. Some people would understand the communication diagram better than sequence.

Practically it would mean extending line descriptions in object diagram.

This would also allow simple transition between diagram - the designer can decide if the same situation is better to be described by sequence or communication diagram. (This was also supported in Rational Rose where a diagram was possible to simply convert to another.)