Uncorrect drawing with Weekly printscale

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asked Oct 2, 2020 in Bug by Serge Wenger Work (15,620 points)
edited Oct 2, 2020 by Serge Wenger Work

Hello PlanUML,

Tests done with version 1.2020.18

At my point of view, the drawing is incorrect (tasks less than 4 days and last week day) with weekly printscale:

[See on PlantUML server]

Thanks for your support 

1 Answer

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answered Oct 6, 2020 by plantuml (294,660 points)
Thanks for the feedback.

This has been fixed with last beta http://beta.plantuml.net/plantuml.jar and on the online server.
commented Oct 7, 2020 by Serge Wenger Work (15,620 points)

BIG thanks for the correction (Tasks Length). 

For the milestones, I undestand, but 2 last daysof week are is still stange. I hope that Saturday and Sunday are never milestones!!!

[See on PLantUML Server]